In the Beginning…

I started my adventure when my step-father took me bream fishing on my 6th birthday at Lake O’ the Pines. We caught 38 keeper bream using the cheese from our lunch as bait after we ran out of worms. We had so many fun outings like that and memories I will never forget.  A couple of years later, he introduced me to bass fishing on Lake Murval using a grape fire tail plastic worm. I caught my first bass and I was totally hooked! He entered us in the KYKX Big Bass tournament and I caught the biggest fish. Unfortunately, it was an alligator gar. From that day, I knew what I wanted to fish competitively.

A Nack for Sales

While working towards an education, which has not ever stopped due to my profession, I was #3 salesman in the world for a major international electronics company.  I cultivated my natural ability to discern people and fit the solution to the need. My mother was a professional salesman and I listened intently to her guidance. When you truly believe in what you are promoting, you have a greater zeal and success.

US Army Proud Veteran

September 24, 1990, I joined the US Army to serve my country. We had not yet begun Desert Storm. After basic training at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina, I went to advanced individual training at Ft. Gordon, Georgia as a 74F. My last days there, Desert Storm kicked off. At the time, I was playing indoor soccer against the Saudi team. Before I knew it, I was in Augsburg, Germany with the HHQ Company, 701st MI Brigade. Our unit was known as “The Home of the Professionals”.

Tournament Addict

Around 1995, a couple years after returning from the military, I finally was able to purchase a new Skeeter SS90 bass boat. It was red, white and blue and only a 16 footer, but had all I needed to get started. I lived in Nacogdoches, Texas and fished everything within a 100-mile radius. I picked up a check here and there and had a sponsorship with a Shimano distributor who supplied me with a great set of rods and reels. After 9/11, I had quite a setback in life and had to sell most everything as I was starting over.

The Love of My Life

God put someone in my path that I love more than fishing!(Hard to believe, I know, but true.) God is the only one I could love more. Kate has been through many hills and valleys with me and I could not imagine life without my soul-mate. She puts up with a lot and I love her dearly for it.  Kate enjoys going places and experiencing life, especially rodeo. We look forward to a time where we can travel more and truly enjoy the experience of the trail.


Avid Tournament Angler

Today, I am a US Army veteran, technology professional, and brand marketing expert.  Along with a vast array of technical skills and a passion for innovation, I aggressively promote products and sponsors who make me successful in the angling industry. As opportunities arise to compete and to work with my sponsors and industry leaders, I make every effort to build their revenue through direct and social marketing strategies. It is vital to take an active and aggressive role in their success. My success starts with the people I know and everyone I meet along the way.

From novice to pro, your equipment matters. I choose Skeeter for reliability and stability.